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  • Youth organization MIA makes return visit to Milton
    MILTON — Men In Action Outreach, the youth mentorship nonprofit, held a workshop on legacy at the Milton Community Center. The last time MIA held an event in Milton was a back-to-school event in 2016.For those who don’t remember MIA, President Morris "Moe" Smith with volunteers held workshops for area youth to foster character growth, got school supplies to students who needed them, played basketball and other games with the [...]
  • VIDEO: Milton youth learn about legacy
    MILTON — Men In Action Outreach President Morris "Moe" Smith begins the MIA youth workshop on legacy asking the kids what they think legacy is.
  • VIDEO: Introducing the MIA youth workshop
    MILTON — Coach Warren "Bubba" Hamilton uses basketball to mentor youth at Milton's Guy Thompson Community Center. July 14, he teamed up with Men In Action Outreach and 2Wins to put on an MIA youth workshop on legacy at the community center.
  • Purple flags hoisted because of Navarre Beach stinging jellies
    NAVARRE BEACH — The purple flags have been flying over Navarre Beach for the past few days. But that hasn't stopped people from going to the beach said Terry Wallace, utilities supervisor of Navarre Beach.Once any marine life is detected — that includes sharks or stinging jellyfish — beach officials fly the purple flag. Water conditions have been low hazard, which is why the green flags have been up as well.Navarre Beach Fire Rescue posts flag updates daily [...]
  • Blackwater Pyrates announce Great Mill Town Duck Race winners
    MILTON — The civic organization Blackwater Pyrates holds a single annual fundraiser, the Great Mill Town Duck Race every July 4. This year's third to first place winners were Chris Smith, Cindie Ponsell with Blackwater Bay Tours and Lynda Vines with Bypass Radiator. The prize amounts were $250, $750 and $1,500 respectivelyThe Pyrates sell pairs of numbered, rubber ducks. The supporter receives one and the other goes in the race. To start the race, the Pyrates dump a bin of the [...]
  • Fight pregnancy symptoms with these feel-good pregnancy nutrients
    If you’re like most expecting moms, you’ve already heard that a healthy, whole foods diet is best for you and baby, one that features plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean proteins. However, many expecting moms are also battling nausea and indigestion, especially during the earliest stages. That can make the idea of eating nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods less appealing. All the while, it [...]
  • Ex-wrestlers sue Ohio State, say officials knew of doctor's sexual abuse
    The suit, filed Monday in federal district court in Columbus, accuses Ohio State of Title IX and civil rights violations when it failed to prevent repeated sexual assaults, abuse and molestation by Dr. Richard Strauss.
  • The conspiracy of kale
    Kale has reached that point on the popularity curve where people are hating it because it’s popular. Once, it was easy to file away this dark green leafy vegetable as just some hippie food, but now it’s everywhere. It’s on the menu, in the vegetarian entree and meatloaf alike. Your favorite celebrities are gushing about their daily green smoothie.Still, many people don’t enjoy eating it. And sometimes these haters get triggered by people who do.For [...]
  • Milton Amateur Radio Club host radio event
    MILTON — The Milton Amateur Radio Club hosted an event July 14 drawing ham radio enthusiasts from Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties to shop and talk “ham.” The event, held at the Santa Rosa County auditorium, was filled with both vintage and modern ham radio equipment for purchase as well as other items such as phones, radio accessories, and novelty items.  But the event was about more than shopping, according to Ken Dunn, a member of the radio [...]
  • Local Option Sales Tax funds park renovations
    MILTON — Optimist Park located off Old Bagdad Highway at the corner of Parkmore Plaza is open once again after renovations making the park more Americans with Disabilities Act-friendly.Santa Rosa County Commission Chairman Bob Cole cut the ribbon officially reopening the park.Improvements include new pour-in-place rubberized surfacing, ADA-friendly play structures, two shade structures with four benches, an ADA-compliant sidewalk system, two baseball fields, a pavilion [...]