Contest Rules

  1. Contests are open to persons 18 years of age or older.

  2. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win contests. Void where prohibited by law.

  3. Winners must claim all prizes in person, and present valid photo I.D.

  4. Prizes must be claimed at WEBY Studios, 7179 Printers Alley, Milton, FL 32583 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9a - 5p). Prizes such as event tickets must be claimed no later than 5:00pm on the day of the event, or if the event is on a weekend or holiday, by 5:00pm on the last business day before the event.

  5. All prizes must be claimed within 14 days of winning the prize. Prizes not claimed within the 14 day period will be forfeited and no prize will be awarded. Failure to collect a prize constitutes forfeiture of the prize. Unclaimed prizes will remain the property of WEBY. Another winner will not be selected.

  6. All prize winners must complete and sign a Prize Claim Form before the prize will be awarded. If the value of the prize is $600 or greater, the winner must present a valid social security number and will be issued an IRS Form 1099 for the fair market value of the prize.

  7. Winners are responsible for all applicable title fees, registration fees, and any state, local, and federal taxes.

  8. There is no substitution of prizes permitted.

  9. If a winner is found in violation of the rules, he/she may be required to forfeit his/her prize.

  10. WEBY, their owners, representatives, agents, and employees are not responsible for any liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the award or use of the prize.

  11. All WEBY employees and their family members are not eligible to win ANY contest on WEBY. The term "family members" shall include spouses, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren. Cohabitating roommates are also ineligible.

  12. Contestants are eligible to win a prize from WEBY once every 30 days.

  13. WEBY reserves the right to reschedule any contests due to weather, emergency, or other circumstances that might arise.

  14. Contestants grant WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation irrevocable consent in perpetuity to the use of the sound recordings, photographs, video tape, and illustrations taken during or in connection with the contest, in any and all applications including but not limited to advertising, commercials, promotion, stories, text, articles, illustrations, copy, and commercial exploitation, in any and all media forms, including but not limited to radio, broadcast and television, newspapers and magazines at any time without the contestant's further knowledge or consent. Contestants grant WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation the sole rights of ownership to the sound recordings, photographs and negatives, video tape, originals and copies of the poses, images, and recordings taken of contestant under this agreement. For purposes of U.S. Copyright laws, all works created under this agreement shall be "work made for hire" with all rights vested solely in WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation. Owner hip of those materials and all rights granted WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation, under this agreement may at any time be sold, transferred, assigned or licensed by WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation to third parties without the contestant's further knowledge or consent. Contestants waive any and all rights of privacy contestant may have in regard to the subject matter of this agreement and further to indemnify and hold WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation harmless from any claims, expenses, damages, or other payments of any kind arising in any way out of the use of defense of contestant's name, image, voice, and likeness. Contestants release WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation and their respective officers, directors, and employees from any and all liability resulting from the conducting of the contest, contestant's participation in the contest, contestant's acceptance of the prizes, and contestant's use of the prizes.

  15. WEBY and Spinnaker Communications Corporation reserve the right to revise these rules at any time.

  16. For a complete copy of WEBY's Official Contest Rules visit us during regular business hours at 7179 Printers Alley, Milton, FL 32583, or send a self addressed stamped envelope to "Official Contest Rules", WEBY Radio, 7179 Printers Alley, Milton, FL 32583. Or you can print them from our website at

  17. The decision of WEBY management in the interpretation of these rules is final. By participating, persons agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and the official contest rules.

Thank you for reading ... and good luck in our contests