Professor Bob

I don’t often write on politics but the actions of the Republicans in the U.S Congress and state legislatures of late clearly indicate that they simply don’t get it.  They continue to operate in a world where they are oblivious to those that elect them and the reasons that they were elected.  

After the manner in which Obamacare passed, the people voted a Republican majority into the House of Representatives in 2010.  Why?  So that Congress could not ram through another bill not supported by a majority of the public.  They were elected to act as a check on Obama and the Democrats but instead got a lot of bad press from being accused of creating gridlock.  When, in fact, the House passed legislation and it was the Senate that refused to bring bills to the floor for a vote.  Somehow, the Republicans do what they were elected to do and are made out to be the bad guy.  

The Republicans then blow the 2012 presidential election by failing to go on the attack and to adequately make their case to the public.  The difference in the popular vote between Obama and Romney was less than 1%.  If the Republicans had gone on the attack about the economy and about Benghazi it may have made the difference.  Then in 2014 the Republicans are given control of both the House and the Senate.  What happens?  The again are made out to be the bad guy by standing up to Obama.  But instead of exhibiting some backbone, they give in when they should not.  

Loretta Lynch should not have received Senate approval as Attorney General.  She openly admitted that illegal aliens have the same right to jobs as U.S. citizens and legal aliens.  What I don’t think that the Republicans understand is that by going down their current path they will have lost the support of their voter base by the 2016 election.  Why would anyone want to donate money to the Republican Party?  You get the same results that you would get if you gave your money to Democrats?  

People are tired of an open border, illegal immigration, and an economy run by people who never had a private sector job.  People are tired of hearing the good statistics about the economy but not being told about the equal number of negative statistics.  People are tired of front-door and back-door attempts at gun control.  People are tired of being continually lied to by the current administration.  But still the Republicans can’t find a backbone and continue to cave to the wishes of the Democrats.  Sort of reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live skit involving the Loopner’s—the family born without a backbone.  Maybe the Republicans should change the name of the party to Loopner and their symbol could be the Slinky.  “We will bend any way we have to” would make a great slogan.  

You have the same situation in the Florida legislature where the Republicans control both the House and the Senate.  In 1986 Florida pioneered the wave of concealed carry laws that have spread across the U.S.  Yet when it comes to passing a bill that would permit concealed carry holders to carry on college campuses, the Senate president, a Republican, refuses to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.  The bill has cleared all committees and is ready to roll. In Florida, concealed weapon permit holders have the lowest rate of criminal activity of any group—even police.  We could achieve the same result with a Democrat controlled state legislature.  

So again the answer to the problem is--don’t fund the Republican Party.  If you fund the party then money is doled out to candidates that tow the party line.  Therefore, if you have a particular candidate that supports the same causes as you and votes appropriately, then donate directly to that candidate—whether at the state or federal level.  But don’t give it to a party that doesn’t have a backbone.